Technical Data SA-8 SA-8A
Profile Cutting Machine Heavy Duty Profile Cutting Machine
Machine Body Steel plate welding  
Knife Wheel Dia. 600 mm Casting steel
Blade Knife Width 60mm 90 mm
Two Motorized Grinding unit Dia. 100 mm Dia. 255 mm
Blade Guide Width 178 mm 224 mm
Dust Exhausting Device for Grinding Stone Unavailable Included
Blade Guide With Auto Blade Knife Feeding Control Device In Order To Keep The Blade Always At The Correct Position Even It Gets Narrow After Gringing Unavailable Included
Cutting Thickness Setting Indicator ruler

Digital showing on the panel
(setting can be changed in step of 0.1 mm)

Cutting Table Ascending & Descending By hand wheel adjustment with indicator ruler By hand wheel adjustment with number
Cutting Table Ascending & Descending Several hours 20 – 40 minutes
Cutting Profile Roller Change to be Flat Roller Unavailable Available
Profile Roller Dia. 210 mm 230 mm
Power Required 8.6 kW 10.2 kW
Minimum Cutting Thickness for Profile 25 mm 15 mm
Cutting Speed 15 m / minute 15 m / minute
Control Box with Man-Machine Interface with Touch Screen Monitor Not applicable Applicable
Can be Wsed as Horizontal Slitting Machine Not applicable By changing optional flat roller
Feeding and Winding System Unavailable Available