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SA-C1G Auto Block Cutter ( Guillotine Type )
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-C1G Auto Block Cutter ( Guillotine Type )
  • Range of Application
    For cutting flexible foam block during foaming
  • Description

    SA-C1G block cutter is used to traverse cutting continuous foam blocks. When proceed with cutting operation, the machine is automatically synchronized with the foaming speed. The cutting unit is driven independently from the foaming drive. It can be linked with foaming machine driving motor, either AC or DC motor with variable speed control.

  • Technical Data
    Cutting Width 2m standard type
    Cutting Height 1200 mm
    Cutting Length 1 m ~ 3 m at foaming speed 5 m / min
    Floor Space Approx. L 5200 x W 5500 x H 4200 mm
    Weight Approx. 3000 kg
  • Option
    Increase working width to 2.5m.
    Increase working height to 1.3m or 1.5m.
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