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SA-1BM Block Foaming Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-1BM Block Foaming Machine
  • Range of Application
    Flexible H.R. rigid and semi-rigid and visco Polyurethane foam blocks It is suitable for small to medium scaled foam factory.
  • Description
    SA-1BM Block foaming machine consists of mixing system with moving forwared and backward device. Chemical meteriing system with re-circulation system to control chemicals which are dosed from the chemical storage tanks through pipe work and pneumatic injection valve systems into the mixing barrel. As soon as the mixing time elapses, the hatch of mixing barrel will auto open to load the mixture smoothly into the mould and close the hatch then can draw it backward to its original position automatically.
  • Technical Data
    Output max. shot weight 150 kg
    Density between 13 - 45 kg / cubic meter
    Polyol metering pump with motor, tank 1500 kg
    TDI metering pump with motor, tank 1000 kg
    Methylene chloride metering pump with motor, tank 300 kg
    Mixing motor 10 HP
    Control panel 1 set
    Pipework from day tank to the mixing barrel, temperature indication, chemical storage volume and pressure gauge for Polyol, TDI and Methylene Chloride  
    Capacity appx. 65 blocks by using 3 sets of molds per day.
    Accessories one mold.
  • Option
    1. Extra metering unit for polyol, TDI, amine, silicon, stannous octoate, water etc.
    2. Increase chemical tank capacity or add chemical tanks.
    3. Chiller or heating system.
    4. Air Compressor, charging pump, mould box.
    5. Increase mixing motor to : 15 HP.
    6. Raw material charge pump from drum to day tank or storange tank to day tank.
    7. Can work with SA-1BVF Auto Batch Vacuum Foaming System
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