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SA-2AHP Heavy Duty Horizontal Slitting Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-2AHP Heavy Duty Horizontal Slitting Machine
  • Range of Application
    SA-2AHP is a heavy duty horizontal cutting machine. It can cut high density foam block into thin sheets, and is suitable for cutting Natural & Synthetic Rubber Foam / Neoprene / E.V.A. foam / LDPE foam / PVC foam / cork / Rebond Rubber.
  • Description
    The foam is placed on the special made table with suction unit under the table, preset the cutting thickness from the monitor and after split off, sheets are taken away by hand.The machine consists of solid and strong construction of cast steel. It’s equipped with large diameter knife pulley, and thick & solid precision blade guide. The two sets of grinding units can grind the bandknife continuously. Auto bandknife is controlled by servo control unit which can keep the position of bandknife always the same distance from the blade guide. The grinding unit includes an auto system that protects the blade by withdrawing the grinding stones when the blade stops, preventing wearing down of the blade. The cutting unit’s rising and descending using precise ball screw rod is controlled by servo motor. In order to meet every variation of materials and different cutting thickness, the cutting angle of blade guide can be changed and is indicated digitally on the control box. The table is equipped with vacuum system to ensure the foam material does not move during cutting.
  • Technical Data
    Working Width 1200 mm
    Cutting Height 250 mm
    Cutting thickness 0.3 - 150 mm (depends on the type of material, in step of 1/10mm)
    Cutting Length 2000mm
    Cutting Speed Approx. 0- 60 m / min
    Grinding Stone. Dia. 255 mm cup
    Cutting precision ±0.1mm


  • Option
    1.Increase cutting length to : 2600 mm
    2. Increase cutting width to : 1500 mm
    3. Enlarge vacuum system to : 3 HP x 6
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