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SA-2AH Heavy Duty Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-2AH Heavy Duty Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • Range of Application
    For cutting reboned foam density up to 120kgs/m3. This machine is suitable for cutting hard materials, high loadbearing, semi-rigid, rebond pu foam, epe, epp, pvc foams, cork etc.
  • Description
    SA-2AH heavy duty horizontal cutting machine consists solid and strong construction frame and the blade guide with motor driving pressure roller. The split off sheets are taken away by hand.
  • Technical Data
    Cutting Width 1500 mm ( standard )
    Cutting Height 1200 mm
    Cutting Length 2500 mm
    Cutting Speed Approx. 0 - 40 m / min
    Cutting Thickness 1 mm-150mm ( depends on the type of material, in step of 1 / 10 mm)
    Cutting Blade Width 60 mm
    Blade Guide Width 260 mm
    Motorize Grinding Unit With dia. 100 mm cup
    Grinding Attachment With motor suction and collecting equipment
    Power Require 9.75 kW ( standard )
    Floor Space Approx. L 750 x W 4680 x H 320 cm ( standard )
    Without stacking and loading unit
  • Option
    1. Stacking and loading unit: operator do not need to take foam sheets one by one after every sliced sheet for labour saving. This optional equipment is not suitable for all materials and thickness, the applicable thickness of foam is between 10 - 100 mm.
    2. Cutting table with vacuum system: to prevent block bottom from porting or small and light blocks slipping away or lift up during cutting process. The standard table 3.5 m.
    3. Increase the length of the cutting table to 6 m.
    4. Increase the cutting width to 2100 mm.
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