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SA-2AC Automatic Circular Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-2AC Automatic Circular Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • Range of Application
    For cutting Flexible PU foam block density under 50kg and rebond foam density under 80kg and open celled PVC foam.
  • Description
    The cutting unit of SA-2AC is fitted with a rotating circular table. The blocks are placed on the roatating table, when cutting the block into sheets it will remain stacked on the table, the whole block can be removed after cutting. The table is driven by a stable and noiseless motor. The rotating speed of the table is adjustable.
  • Technical Data
    Cutting Width 216 cm
    Cutting Height 125 cm
    Cutting Length 220 cm ( standard )
    Stacking Height 125 cm
    Cutting Thickness Min. 2 mm ( depends on the type of material, in step of 1 / 10 mm)
    Max. Cutting Speed Approx. 5 rpm
    Motorize Grinding Unit With dia. 100 mm cup
    Cutting Angle Adjustable 0 - 6 degrees
    Cutting Pcs Counter 0 - 999 pcs
    Table Size Inside Dia. 2 m, Outside Dia. 6.4 m ( standard )
    Power Require 12 kW
  • Option
    1. Increase table outside diameter to 6.9 m, 9m
    2. Increase cutting height to 1400 mm or 1500 mm.
    3. Add 2 vacuum chambers below the cutting table.
    4. Add auto silicon spray for blade guide.
    5. Add auto electronic speed adjustment between cuts when cutting single block.
    6. Increase bandknife width to 50 mm.
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