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SA-2AP Horizontal Splitting Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-2AP Horizontal Splitting Machine
  • Range of Application
    It is used for splitting urethane elatomers, high density polyethylenes, cork and rubber, leather for using un shoes, belt, bag, glove, leather suit, brief bag, sporting goods industries.
  • Description
    The machine frame consists of a solid cast steel construction fittedwith two knife wheels to achieve constant optimum quality of cut. A fully automatic knife advancement control system is installed. This system checks the knife position and always keep the knife position stays at same distance in relation to the front of machine. A precision grinding system to shape the knife both sides in same angle and edge. The dust extraction system fir the grinding dust the raw material feeding speed can be adjustable.
  • Technical Data
    Cutting width 320 mm
    Max. thickness 18 mm ( depends on the type of material, in step of 1 / 10 mm)
    Min. thickness 0.4 mm ( depends on the type of material, in step of 1 / 10 mm)
    Min. preset cutting thickness 0.1 mm
    Blade width 50 mm
    Motor Approx.6.3kw
  • Option
    Increase cutting width to 500mm
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