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SA-3SA Semi-Auto Vertical Cutting Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-3SA Semi-Auto Vertical Cutting Machine
  • Range of Application
    For cutting flexible foam block, PVC, EVA, PE. Change of cutting tool for rigid foam block
  • Description
    The SA-3SA semi-auto vertical cutting machine is for trimming the side of the foam block or cutting foam sheet into desired strip size just by placing the foam block on the cutting table. The machine can move back and forth motorized to save tim and strength of operators. It is suitable for cutting high density foam, such as memory foam and re-bounding foam. The cutting thickness is adjusted manually.
  • Technical Data
    Inside of Blade 1200 mm
    Outside of Blade 1800 mm
    Cutting Height 1200mm
    Cutting Length 2100 mm
    Motorized grinding unit dia.75mm cup
    Motor Approx. 4.2kw
    Motorized Traversing Cutting Unit Forward and Backward
  • Option
    1. Ratchet gear for side fence preselect space
    2. Motorized blade guide for up and down.
    3. Air in table ( lifting air ) for easy moving block
    4. Guiding dust exhaust.
    5. Increase or decrease the size of left side and right side cutting table.
    6. Increase the cutting length to 3000mm and height to 1300mm.
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