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SA-3VA Vertical and Angle Cutting Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-3VA Vertical and Angle Cutting Machine
  • Range of Application
    For cutting flexible foam block, PVE, EVA, PE. Can be used for vertical cutting or Be able to angle cutting. It is widely used in the uphostly industrial
  • Description
    The SA-3VA vertical and angle cutting machine is a multipurpose cutting machine. The cutting unit can be tilted to the left or right side. The machine will become an angle cutting machine when the angle is changed.
  • Technical Data
    The Table is Made by Aluminum Plates
    Table Size Right side : 1200 mm
    Left side : 1800 mm
    Length : 2100 mm
    Degree of angle adjustment 60 degree for the right side
    Degree of angle adjustment 55 degree for the left side
    Side Fence Height : 200 mm
    Grinding Wheels Dia. 75 mm
    Cutting Height In 90 Degree 1000 mm
    Power Require 2.4 kW
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