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SA-26AFC Auto Roller Foam Crusher
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-26AFC Auto Roller Foam Crusher
  • Range of Application
    To Press out the air which contains in foam block for making higher quality foam.
  • Technical Data
    Working Width 50" - 100"
    Working Height 8" to 34"
    Rolling Speed 3m/min ~ 10m/min
    Roller drive 20HP variable speed drive
    Roller dimension Dia. 250 mm x L 2500 mm
    Frame Work Heavy-duty steel tunnel with steel rolling tube weldment
    Tunnel construction twelve fix position power roller in upper and lower tunnel for evenly distributed force.
    Hydraulic system 175 kg/cm3 capacity
    Push button control roller speed, hydraulic power control, upper tunnel raise and lower.
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