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SA-9 Foam Rebonding Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-9 Foam Rebonding Machine
  • Range of Application
    Foam Rebonding Machine
  • Description
    The SA-9 foam rebonding machine is used for the reutilization of flexible pu foam waste. The foam waste can be rebonded into foam blocks again, using SA-4A foam chipping machine to crush the foam waste into small particles and blow the crushed particles into the mixing dram. The mixing drum consist of three units of spraying nozzles, the chemicals will equally sprayed on the foam chips and the mixture loaded into the mold through hydraulic press to become the rebonding foam blocks. The density of the foam block can be adjusted by the hydraulic press stroke.
  • Technical Data
    Mixing Drum Size 7 cubic meters
    Chemical Tank 100 liter x 1 pc ( made by stainless steel )
    Water Tank 100 liter x 1 pc
    Chemical Metering Pump Motor 1/2 HP
    Water Pump 1/4 HP x 1
    Mixing Motor 5 HP x 1
    Hydraulic Motor 3 HP x 1
    Mould Box Size L 190 x W 100 x H 100 cm  ( standard )
    Hydraulic Press Approx. 5,000 kg / cm²
    Pneumatic Working Pressure 6 kg / cm²
    Production Speed Approx. 8 - 10 blocks / 8 hours / 2 molds
    Cycle Time Approx. 50 min / cycle
    Floor Space Approx. L 630 x W 270 x H 455 cm
  • Option
    1. Increase mixing drum to 10 cubic meters.
    2. Boiler for steam cure system.
    3. Cylinder mould for making cylinder blocks l 1 m x dia. 1.1 m.
    4. Extra square mould box.
    5. Add auto scale system and sub silo on top of the mixing drum.
    6. Air compressor.
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