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SA-4AH H Type Chipping Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-4AH H Type Chipping Machine
  • Range of Application
    For chipping all kinds PU foam waste and quilting mattress cover waste.
  • Description
    The SA-4A chipping machine is suitable for chipping all kinds of flexible PU foam waste, such as hr molding as well as the material waste from foam quilting mattress cover. The machine consist of rotary and stationary cutter with water cooling system built inside the machine and also with an additional powerful fan blower, blowing the foam chips out of the machine into the silo or sotrage room. The particle size can be changed by changing the net mesh.
  • Technical Data
    Inter Size 510 x 286 mm
    Stationary cutter 4 pcs
    Rotary cutter 3 pcs
    Rotary Diameter 380 mm
    Blower Pipe 5”
    Power Require 26.3 kW
  • Option
    1. Increase the motor horse power to :
    SA-4AH40 : 40 HP, SA-4AH50 : 50HP, SA-4AH60 :60 HP, SA-4AH75 : 75 HP
    2. Powerful breaker : 20 HP, 30 HP, 40 HP
    3. Add feeding conveyor
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