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SA-9A(10 M³) Auto Foam Rebonding Machine
  • Manufactured Goods
  • Product Name
    SA-9A(10 M³) Auto Foam Rebonding Machine
  • Range of Application
    Auto Foam Rebonding Machine
  • Description
    THE SA-9A auto foam rebonding machine is especially designed for bonding granule foam chips into rectangular blocks to make cushions, mattresses, pads or peeling cylinder blocks into endless sheets for carpet underlay. The machine consist of weight box, chipping mixing tank and compressing station, mobile mould, chemical tanks, pump, hydraulic and electrical control panel with built-in weight indicator, timer for control chemicals and steam dosage. The density of foam block can be adjusted from 60 - 200 kilos per cubic meter, with special equipment and additional rubber waste, latex foam, tiring fabrics or other materials the density can be even higher.
  • Technical Data
    Weight Box Size 7 cuboc meters
    Mould Box Size L 2 x W 1.5 x H 1 m ( standard )
    Chemical Tank 100 x 2 liters ( made by stainless steel )
    Scale Unit Capacity 500 kg
    Cycle Time 10 min / cycle
    Production Speed 4 - 6 blocks / hour
    Power Require 7.9 kW
  • Option
    1. Silo size : dia. 235 cm x H 630 cm.
    2. Increase chip mixing tank to 10 cubic meters.
    3. Compressing station :
        One side for making rectangular block, the other side for cylinder block.
    4. Fully automatic steam boiler.
    5. Chipping machine.
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